Autumn Mist & Fog | Takachiho Gorge, Japan

18 February 2016 Takachiho, Nishiusuki District, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan

autumn in takachiho gorge japan

After learning more about the wold war 2, interesting finds on road trips, visiting old towns and hot springs, finding Amsterdam in Japan, and crossing a bridge hundred meters above ground, we had one much awaited nature stop in Japan. Japan with its amazing technology has some of the MOST incredible nature spots. The Takachiho Gorge was no exception.

As usual, I know how gorges are made, I've learned about them in geography class, but seeing it in real life, oh it's a whole new experience.

Torii gate at takachiho gorge japan
takachiho gorge japan in the autumn

We were planning on rowing boats down the gorge, sadly, when we got there, it was raining, misty and extremely foggy. Yeap... This was the ONE day it was pouring rain... hit us real hard eh?

The fog made for really interesting mysterious looking pictures, and we did consider rowing the boats, but, as Jerald and I were with his parents, and we didn't wanna row boats looking like this:

boat rowing in the rain takachiho gorge japan

We passed on the opportunity.

Despite the rain, the Takachiho gorge was still such a lovely stop. We got to see the gorge, the waterfalls, the pretty autumn leaves, and since it was raining, it meant that there weren't too many people out and about at that time.

waterfall in takachiho gorge japan

takachiho gorge japan in the autumn
waterfall and boat rowing takachiho gorge japan

Really salute the people who braved the rain and went boat rowing anyway! A part of me wishes I did, but seeing as how I caught a cold just from WALKING through the rain, the other part of me was glad I did not.

takachiho gorge japan

What I Wore
Coat - Coldwear | Dress (underneath) - Shein | Scarf - Pashmina | Boots - Timberland
takachiho gorge japan
takachiho gorge japan in the autumn

I was trying to take advantage of the mist, rain and fog and attempt to get some cool mysterious shots, sadly, the rain was way too heavy, and so, and the fog was so think it was hard to shoot anything that was further than 5 or 10m away. Judging by the number of people carrying umbrellas, you could tell that walking through the gorge with the rain was no easy task itself, much less taking pictures.

fog and rain in takachiho gorge japan
river and flowing water down the takachiho gorge japan
takachiho gorge japan

Even though we didn't get to row boats like we wanted to, we had a pretty incredible lunch. Lunch was at this small Japanese stall where they served us noodles down a pipe of running water. We had to CATCH them with our chopsticks.
Not that i'm bragging, but I think my chopsticks skills are pretty good (been using them since 7!) and so this chopstick catching noodles game was way fun for me!

food at takachiho gorge japan
special japanese eating place takachiho gorge japan

If you wanna see more of what else we got up to on our South Japan trip, you could watch my vlogs here and here!

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